| Mugrabi Design Studio


Mughrabi Design Studio – Land innovative design line which contains details of lighting and furniture that decorated the studio by Ilan Mograbi. The designs are sold to Italian companies worldwide marketing rights in the country but are retained by Exclusive. In addition, the service offers studio and furniture preparing custom lighting to any space, according to the requirements of the architect and cooperation with the customer, presenting design simulations.

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| Lighting Fixtures


Something exclusive – Exclusive luxury design house started his lighting shop set up by the couple over and found Mughrabi in 1974 Binyamin Street in Tel Aviv. In the 90 boys joined the family firm and Ilan Meyer. Exclusive in recent years has expanded its business to design furniture and lighting products, as well as the preparation of custom furniture. Exclusive continues to work in the Binyamin historic store.

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| News and Updates:

  • It’s just a new line of products from Viabizzuno
  • Opened a new store in Beverly Hills designed by architect David Copperfield’s lighting concept built viavbizzuno
  • A remarkable Exclusive chosen best lighting store in Tel Aviv by Time Out magazine