The prestigious Exclusive Design Company began its activities as a lighting store established by the couple Elli and Gila Mugrabi in 1974, on Nahalat Binyamin Street in Tel Aviv. In the 1990s their two sons, Meir and Ilan joined the family business. In recent years, Exclusive has expanded its business activities into the realm of furniture and illumination products design as well as preparation of personally customized furniture. Exclusive continues to also function at the historic store on Nahalat Binyamin.

During the course of many years, Exclusive has specialized in illumination design and consultation for apartments and private homes and later also expanded its business activities by specializing in the area of lighting for projects, for prestigious towers and for hospitals.

The Illumination Revolution

The home illumination branch has been undergoing a significant revolution in recent years as more and more people come to understand the importance of lighting as an integral part of home design and the power inherent in proper lighting, as well as various types of space illumination according to the effect and ambience that they wish to create. At present one can see an emphasis on proper, designed lighting in many homes in Israel, as architects and interior designers place a greater emphasis, in their home designs, on lighting fixtures and the type of illumination they produce, from an understanding that proper lighting facilitates imparting the desired ambience to the space, as well as providing a decorative response.

One can say that designed lighting fixtures are no longer the exclusive domain of prestigious homes and designer halls, but constitute, at present, a first rate design element in diverse spaces – from private homes to places of business and large halls. Often in order to achieve the desired lighting effect there is a need for a number of different types of lighting fixtures that together produce the desired degree of illumination.


גופי תאורה לבנה למטבח

Types of Home Illumination

In order to select the proper lighting for the home it is first necessary to specify the requirements and purposes – are we interested in lighting the entire space of the room or are we interested in having a particular object stand out? Do we want strong lighting or soft and subtle lighting that will impart a relaxed ambience to the room? After the decision is made, we can move on to the next stage – selection of the lighting fixture and type of lamp by means of which we want to illuminate our lives. There are numerous types of styles of lighting fixtures designed to provide a response to the many requirements of various spaces in the home:

Kitchen lighting – Here it is recommended to utilize strong and clear lighting in order to properly illuminate the work surfaces.

Dining area lighting – The size of the lighting fixture and intensity of light produced will be determined usually in relation to the size of the table, and this in order to create the proper proportion and symmetry that will impart a sense of harmony to the dining area.

Bedroom lighting – It is preferable to utilize indirect light distributed around the sides of the room rather than concentrated lighting in the center of the room above the bed, as is common in many homes, in order to prevent being dazzled. Lighting fixtures should also be positioned to enable comfortable reading as well as to illuminate a dressing table if necessary.

Living room lighting – Since this is where we spend most of our free time and it serves us for numerous activities – reading, watching television, hosting and more, it is recommended not to focus the illumination at a single area but to distribute the lighting all around the room in order to focus interest on a number of areas of the space. In addition illumination that can be dimmed should be considered so that precise illumination can be adjusted for varied activities in the living room.

The design trend in the illumination branch is expected to continue to gain momentum in the coming years with special designs and innovative light dispersing technologies – you are invited to join the revolution!

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